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Peter Brent

Independent IT Consultant

Oshawa, ON

Phone: 905-706-5446

 I'm Peter Brent.

I'm an independent consultant based in Oshawa

Digital technology and the changing state of data are putting higher demands than ever on organizations. Particularly with the growing use of AI, the increase in cyber threats, and how to best use technology to remain stable or grow, there can be a long list of unanswered questions. Rather than being stuck-  being able to see the next steps and plan accordingly can mean success.

As someone with 30+ years in IT, I assist clients in areas such as:

  • Help align the condition of your business to industry standards and trends. Best practices always lead to better outcomes
  • Assess cybersecurity requirements of business assets and operations. Lowering measurable risk, like insurance can give peace of mind.
  • Managing data and application services better—cloud or on-site - for example improving reporting or analytics
  • Planning or managing short-term business to IT projects


 I love to see SMB navigate complex problems, and make progress towards their goals


Feel free to contact me today. I am happy to learn and discuss.


Certified in :

  •  Cybersecurity (CISSP)
  •  FinOps - cloud finance (FOCP)
  •  CMC (Canadian Management Consultants - In progress)

Peter Brent



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